Project Aims


To improve communications between people when planning a trip together in a group.


To eliminate the confusion caused by jumping back and forth between different platforms.


To improve the experience of planning so that people can fully embrace the excitement of travelling.

Research questions

Prior to selecting the participants and planning the group interviews, three important research questions were developed. These questions shaped the interview guide for the focus group and influenced the direction of the discussions.


How do millennials currently communicate with each other when planning a trip in a group?


What are the challenges of planning a trip with multiple people? Does the size of the group affect this?


What tools – referring to mobile or desktop applications – do millennials currently use to aid their travel planning?

Focus Group

In order to understand the users’ needs when it comes to the functions and features for Una, a focus group was conducted with six chosen participants. The participants were recruited using a convenience sample, and are all known to the moderator on a personal level.

Prior to accepting the participants, a qualification survey was sent out to ensure they met the requirements. The survey determined the participants’ age, travel frequency and travel habits – whether they have travelled with others.

The pre-determined interview guide created for the first stage of the focus group were formed under four categories: Travel Experience, Planning Process, Communication and Mobile Applications. These categories were generated based on the results of a card-sorting exercise conducted by the moderator prior to the focus group.

During the second part of the focus group, the participants were divided up into three groups of twos: each team was given a stack of pre-prepared index cards with an assortment of possible functions for Una – that could aid one’s travel planning. The groups were asked to conduct open card-sorting and organize the index cards into categories that made sense to them.

Results and Analysis

After the evaluation of data collected from the focus group, four personas were developed to showcase the needs and wants of different types of travellers and planners. The personas are split between organizers and participants, and have a range of different travel experiences, from a frequent traveller both by himself and within a group, to a first time group traveller.